Jun 5, 2010

2 is Greater

Math can be a complicated subject, but it starts off so simple. A basic rule of math: two is greater than one. Simple right. When you have two, you can accomplish twice as much than you could if you only had one. This basic math rule is a great example of two things that we should be using twice as much: our ears.

I have been reading through the book of Proverbs for the last few weeks. It speaks volumes about wisdom and knowledge, but what I noticed the most is that it speaks a lot about receiving instruction. In order to receive, we must listen. Listening is a rare occurrence these days, everyone has something to say, an opinion to voice, and no one can stop them for getting their point across. However, when was the last time we really took a moment to listen to a friend, a family member or God giving them our undivided attention and truly absorbing what was said.

I always say, when you take time to listen, the voice will be heard. I had an opportunity to really listen to one of my family members yesterday. Wow. She normally does not have much to say, but as it turns out, she really needed someone to just listen. I ended up learning a lot during this conversation, but most importantly how to intercede for her in prayer.

Try it today, listen more, speak less and you may learn more than you thought possible.

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