Jun 12, 2011

Letters from My Heart: A Prayer of Thanksgiving

In this, the second installment of Letters from My Heart, we are going to examine the prayer of thanksgiving. Giving praise to God is acknowledging his character, his provision, his wonder and expressing to him what he means to you. Thanksgiving is an act that requires humble appreciation for all that God is. In this act, you realize that you are not the source of your blessings or good will. Your life and existence is because of God's grace, prayers of thanksgiving acknowledge this fact.
God honors prayers of thanksgiving and praise from a clean heart. As we approach God and show our gratitude it causes him to be overjoyed. He is our heavenly parent and similar to the appreciation that we show our earthly parents he appreciates our gratitude as well. A prayer of thanksgiving is an expression from the heart. As we pray with thanksgiving and praise on our lips God continues to reveal himself which provides more reasons to give him praise.
Offer God a prayer of thanksgiving and it will bring joy to your heart and his heart as well.

At the dawn of the day I will give you praise
As I open my eyes I realize that I live to praise you.
The things you have done are wonderful, but that is not why I lift my heart and hands.
The ways you have made indescribable,
but this is not the reason I open my mouth with shouts of praise,
it is because of your love, your grace, and your faithfulness
When I was miles away
you were there waiting for me
that is what causes me to turn my heart toward you
You are the air I breathe, the song I sing,
I give you my praise each and every day, so I lift my eyes to you.
No one can take your place; you are the God that knows the beating of my heart.
The days of my life are in your hand.
I love you so much and I want my life to be an expression of that love.
Your faithfulness and your mercy are amazing.
You are every beat of my heart.

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  1. Beautiful! Love Love. Blessed to have your presence in my life Alexis! God Bless!